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We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some valuable information about a healthy eating choice that is available for you and your family. RC Organic Farms has been farming at our current location in Macomb County since 1945 when my Grandfather Norvel bought this farm and began Dairy farming. My Father Ron Campau (hense RC) was born here at the farm where he continued Dairy Farming until 1997. I came back to the farm I grew up on after graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Crop and Soil Science. In 2003 we offered our first ‘Shares’ from our garden. We now grow about four acres of vegetables on our 38 acre farm for distribution in the Community Garden. All of our produce is distributed through the garden share, we do not participate in any Farmers Markets. We also pasture raise hundreds of chickens and turkeys each year. Poultry is available seasonally by pre-ordering only.

RC Organic Farns

In 2011 we added Solar Power to the farm. We now generate all of our own power with excess enough to share with our neighbors as well. We are excited to be Macomb
County’s only SOLAR POWERED ORGANIC FARM and proud to pass on our sustainable farming heritage to the fourth generation of Campau children growing up on this family farm.

It is our desire to raise high quality, great tasting, organic produce for ourselves and members of our community through the use of sustainable farming methods. We offer our members a generous ‘share’ of the garden harvest for a fair price. This price is designed to support our efforts in the seeding, weeding, growing, maintaining, harvesting and packaging of these wonderful garden products.

Membership in our Community Market Garden will provide you with a wide array of fresh, in season, ‘grown in my own backyard’ quality garden produce without the inconvenience of planning and maintaining a large garden yourself. We will be doing the work for you. Members will be welcome to visit the garden and ask questions each week when picking up their share of the harvest at the farm. We are located half way between County Line Road and Gratiot on 30 Mile Road near Richmond, MI.

We believe that in a world filled with ‘unhealthy food choices’ from far away locations, you can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to nourish your body with great tasting, chemical free, fresh, nutrient rich produce grown by a farmer in your own neighborhood. If you have any questions regarding RC Organic Farms and what we offer, please contact us.

Thanks for your assistance in preserving local agriculture.


Jackie Good
RC Organic Farms

RC Organic Farms in the fall

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