What is a CSA?

A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for families to purchase local, seasonal food directly from their local farmer.

At the start of each growing season, Members of the CSA purchase a "share". Then, throughout the season, the members pickup their share of freshly-harvested vegetables on a weekly (or bi-weekly) basis, giving them access to a variety of the highest quality, freshest, most nutritious local produce available.

CSA Farm
CSA Farm

Why Participate In Our CSA?

  • By joining our CSA, you can be confident of receiving the freshest, most nutritious, organic produce possible.
  • You can be certain that your vegetables are grown without toxic chemical herbicides and pesticides.
  • You will receive heirloom varieties of vegetables through the season that are chosen for their excellent flavor and nutrition, instead of for their ease of harvest and shipping.
  • You will be supporting a local farm that is operated in harmony with the environment.
  • You can conveniently do a week’s worth of vegetable shopping simply by picking up your share in one convenient stop.

We believe that in a world filled with ‘unsafe food choices’ from far away locations, you can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to nourish your body with great tasting, chemical free, nutrient rich produce grown by a farmer in your own neighborhood. 

What Is A CSA Share?

We offer CSA members generous ‘share’ packages of our garden harvest each year. Membership in our Community Market Garden will provide you with a wide array of fresh, in season, ‘grown in my own backyard’ quality garden produce without the inconvenience of planning and maintaining a garden yourself. We will be doing the work for you!

Our package prices are fair and are designed to support our efforts in the seeding, weeding, growing, maintaining, harvesting and packaging of these wonderful garden products.

If you are wondering what crops are included in a CSA Share, you can view our Projected Crop List for this season.

csa share

Participating in a CSA gives you an excellent opportunity to ‘know your food and know your farmer’

CSA Share

Who Can Join Our CSA?

Our CSA Membership Shares are open to the public, anyone can join! However, we recommend that you live or work in the area since you'll be picking up your fresh share each week. 


Where is Our Farm?

RC Organic Farms is locally owned and operated. We are located in northern Macomb County - in Lenox Township. Half way between County Line Road and Gratiot on 30 Mile - near Richmond, Michigan

Members are welcome to visit our community garden and ask questions each week when picking up their share at the farm. 

Macomb CSA Farm
CSA SignUp

How does it work?

It's as simple as it sounds!


You can sign up for a CSA Membership right here on our website by ordering one of our CSA Share Packages.


Each week (or every other week - depending on what share package you select) you'll pick up your share of freshly harvested organic vegetables.


Enjoy the freshest produce you've ever tasted! Then come back in a week (or two - depending on your share package) and pick up some more! Each share will provide you with freshly-harvested seasonal, organic produce throughout the season.

CSA Sign Up
Step 1: Order Online
Step 2: Pick your CSA Share up weekly at our farm
Eat & Enjoy