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About Our Farm

Located in Macomb County, Michigan

Our farm is locally owned and operated just outside of Richmond, Michigan. We are committed to farming in an organic and natural way so we can provide the most nutritious products to our Community while also contributing to our planet through a sustainable agricultural system.


Your family can enjoy a variety of fresh-harvested organic produce, herbs, and locally-grown, organically-raised items such as beef, pork, lamb, poultry and eggs from our farm. We offer high quality, locally-grown, fresh farm-to-table products in-season to families in our local community throughout our growing season. All products are available to pick up on our farm by pre-order through our

USDA Organic

Certified Organic

We use environmentally friendly practices to grow a wide variety of organic crops..

Farm Fresh Organic Chicken

Pasture Raised

We offer locally grown, organically raised chicken, turkey, beef, pork, lamb and eggs fresh from our farm.

Fresh produce

Although we are not operating as a CSA this season. We still plan to offer our local community fresh veggies in-season!

Solar Powered

We generate our own power and have enough excess to share with our neighbors.

Our Fresh Farm-To-Table Market

Why Choose RC Organic Farms

Feed your family chemical-free produce fresh from a local farmer! Here at RC Organic Farms we are certified USDA Organic. We do not use any chemical pesticides,  herbicides or insecticides.

Say goodbye to wilted greens and tasteless tomatoes! At RC Organic Farms your fresh produce is harvested when it’s ripe. This means better flavor and nutrient-rich produce for your family.

We offer fresh in-season produce! We no longer operate as a CSA but do offer in-season produce weekly JUNE- OCTOBER. Sign up for our newsletter to keep updated on what's available in our Farm Store (hours vary by season)

Your family will also be able to enjoy locally grown, organically raised, pasture fed beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, honey and eggs fresh from our farm by pre-ordering on our online store.

"We believe in a world filled with unhealthy food choices you can’t afford not to nourish your body with great tasting, chemical free, fresh, nutrient-rich produce grown by a farmer in your own neighborhood."  - RC Organic Farms

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Our Farm

RC Organic Farms offers fresh, nutritious and organic farm-to-table vegetables, locally grown, and organically raised chicken, turkey, beef, pork, lamb and eggs fresh from our farm in Macomb County, Michigan. READ MORE

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