CSA start up week!

Our CSA distribution begins this week with a Wednesday (3-7pm), Thursday (10 am-6 pm)
or Saturday (10am- 1 pm) pick up at our farm.
These are the Distribution days/times for pick up for the entire 16 week season.

If you are a FULL weekly share participant or on the bi-weekly A week schedule we look forward to
seeing you at the farm this week for pick up. B week schedule begins next week June 24, 25, 27.

If you have a balance on your account it can be paid by Check, cash,
Venmo; Jackie Good @rcorganicfarms or Chase Quick pay; Good Family Farms/989-550-5223
If using credit card or paypal a 3% service fee will be added to those transactions.
We will let you know your balance when picking up your first distribution.

Please remember to bring a tote or reusable shopping bags to transport your items home.
Pull in and park along row in front of greenhouse (next to my car)
Walk up to Distribution area but do not enter if another family is inside.
For everyone’s safety we are asking for just 1 family inside Distribution Center at a time.
Please wait outside until family in front of you exits.
Masks are optional, we will not be wearing but you are welcome to if you feel the need.
We are also offering to fill and carry totes to your vehicle if you prefer, just call
me at 989-550-5223 when you get there and we will come to your car and get your totes, fill
and return for you. Let me know if you have any questions.

Organic Veggie Care for fresh picked Veggies;
Keep cool while transporting home.
All veggies are freshly picked and will need to be washed at home before eating/preparing.
Adding Salt and/or Baking Soda to the water is recommended for soaking greens in a sink/bowl.
This helps remove an critters that might have tagged along for the ride 🙂

We are looking forward to a great harvest this year! We have been BUSY growing, planting, feeding and weeding.
RC Organic Farms is excited to welcome our supporting families to our 2020 season. may it and you be blessed.