Know your food, NON GMO vs ORGANIC

What’s the difference between Certified Organic and Non-GMO?
Do you look for NON-GMO verified foods thinking you are choosing the healthier option? Do you know the difference between a NON-GMO crop and a conventionally grown crop? Take corn for instance since its products are used in a WIDE variety of products (corn meal. flour, oil, syrup)
Did you know NON GMO corn farmers use chemical herbicides to kill the weeds, kill the insects and fight diseases just like conventional farmers do the only difference is the conventional farmers can use Glyphosate(Round-up) on their growing GMO corn as it has been engineered to tolerate the chemical (which is systemic contact killer of all living plants) and NON GMO corn growers can only use Glyphosate as a pre-plant emergent weed killer to kill the weeds before their corn plant has emerged from seed.

The NON GMO farmer then sprays another tank mix of chemical weed killer to kill the grasses that emerge as well as the broadleaf weeds that emerge, on average 2 herbicide treatments will be applied to the corn plants during the growing season. The corn is also sprayed with chemical insecticides to kill the insects that feed on the corn as well as chemical fungicides to battle diseases that may arise. All these lovely chemicals are what is included on your so called healthy NON GMO foods!
If you are buying NON GMO you are eating chemicals just like the conventionally grown foods!!
To be chemical free as well as GMO FREE, buy and eat Certified Organic NON GMO foods , no chemical herbicides, no chemical insecticides, and no chemical fungicides and NO GMO!
Do not be fooled by the NON GMO labeling into thinking it is safe.
It may not be genetically modified but it chemically grown!
NON GMO is only chemical free if it is sold under the Organic Label.
Know your food and know your farmer.

RC Organic Farms has been certified organic since 1996! We work hard to grow healthy, safe food for our families, neighbors and community. We cherish our environment, protect bees and beneficial insects, nurture our soil, water and air by using sustainable organic farming practices and using solar power to reduce our carbon footprint. Let’s all do our part to keep this beautiful planet healthy and thriving for future generations. Buy certified organic products and support local organic family farms whenever possible.  #organic #localfood #nongmo #familyfarms #healthyliving