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Pasture Raised grass-Fed beef

Selling quarters and halves

beef quarters

 Grass-fed Beef

  • Our humane environment allows our cows to range freely with all-day access to green grass, fresh air and sunshine.
  • Certified Organic Farm
  • No GMOs.

More About Where Our Cows Are Raised

Pasture Raised Grass-Fed Beef 

Our beef is grass-fed and pasture raised in season for a great tasting beef with just the right amount of marbling!

Grass-fed Beef is supplemented in the winter with grass hay, and baleage to provide a significantly higher protein content. We offer beef by the quarter, half or whole.

Ordering/Price Guide:

Chuck Roast - 4-5 packages
Round Bone/Arm Roast - 2 packages
Sirloin Tip Roast - 1 package
Rolled Rump Roast - 1 package

T-Bone - 4
Rib Steak - 8
Porterhouse - 4 
Sirloin steak – 4 
Round Steaks - 4
Stew Meat - 4-5 packages
Soup Bones - 2-3 packages

(Liver, heart, tongue, tail available by request)

30 + lbs. of Ground Beef in one pound packages
10 lbs. ground beef patties (1/4 pound patties in 1 pound packages)

*(cuts may vary slightly depending on processor)

Avg. hanging weight approx 175 - 200 lbs/quarter @ $4.95 per lb*

Total Average Cost - $900.00  (* price includes processing)

$200 Deposit required to pre-order beef