Farm Fresh Chicken

Pasture Raised Chicken

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Pasture Raised Organic Chicken

Our Pasture Raised Chickens Spend Their Days Stress-Free and able to explore the Outdoors

  • Our humane environment allows our chickens to range freely with all-day access to green grass, fresh air and sunshine..
  • Our farm fresh chickens are fed a chemical-free, multi-grain diet consisting entirely of Certified Organic grains and grasses.
  • NO GMO corn or soybeans used on our farm.
  • SOLAR POWERED SINCE 2011- Green Energy, Green Grass, environmentally friendly certified organic since 1996.

Farm Fresh Chickens - Organic Pasture Raised 

Our Chickens are Pasture Raised, Organic fed and Non-GMO

We make sure our chickens stay healthy and stress-free at each stage of life to ensure they are tender, juicy and flavorful for you and your family!

We offer several cuts of our organic pasture raised chicken:

Ordering/Price Guide:
Whole Roasting Chicken (average weight of 4 - 5 lbs) - $5.99/lb
Boneless Chicken Breast - $12.75/lb
Chicken Legs, Wings, Thighs (order legs, wings or
thighs, packaged 4 of same to a pack) - $ 7.75/lb
Chicken Soup Bones - $3.75/lb
Chicken Livers, Gizzards, Necks - $3.75/lb
Chicken Feet - $3.75/lb
Cut-up*  Whole Chickens Available for $6.99/lb ( *8 pieces)
Nitrate-Free Hardwood SMOKED Chickens - $7.99/lb


 Deposit required per bird to pre-order fresh chickens

We have farm-fresh chickens available from MAY – OCTOBER  each year

Chickens are distributed freshly processed in shrink wrapped bags which will keep in a deep freeze for a year if needed. All orders are picked up at our farm on designated day/time. Please note order pick up date when reserving. Balance on orders can be paid at the farm with check, cash, Venmo, Zelle or PayPal. We do not accept credit cards at the farm.