Farm Fresh Turkeys


Organic Thanksgiving Turkey

We make sure our farm fresh turkeys stay healthy and stress-free during each stage of life to ensure they are flavorful and tender 

Did You Know?

Did you know that approximately 30% of the typical store purchased turkeys are nothing but salt water?

For example, if you are paying $3.99 per pound for a turkey from the store, and the turkey you buy weighs 18 pounds, approximately $28 of the $72 total cost of the turkey is for nothing more than salt water and flavorings!

Farm Fresh Turkeys - Organic Pasture Raised

Available fresh in November only. Pick up pre-orders at our farm in Macomb County

Reserve your family’s Thanksgiving turkey today!

We take pre-orders for our fresh pasture raised Bronze Turkeys on our certified organic farm in Macomb County. We start taking order in August each year. Visit our online farm store to reserve.

Fresh turkeys range in size from 15   to 25 pounds with most weighing around 18 lbs. We do not take size requests in advance but you can choose your turkey from the ranges available at Distribution time. We strive to meet your size  request to the best of our ability. Historically everyone leaves with a smile and the perfect bird for their family! 🙂

Ordering/Price Guide:
Fresh Pasture Raised Organic Turkey - $5.99/lb

Nitrate-Free Hardwood Smoked Turkey - $7.99/lb

  • Our humane environment allows our turkeys to range freely with all-day access to green grass, fresh air and sunshine.
  • We will do our best to accommodate your size request but we cannot guarantee weights with fresh turkeys.
  • Our farm fresh turkeys are fed a chemical-free, multi-grain diet consisting entirely of certified organic grains and grasses.
  • No Antibiotics. No Hormones. No GMOs.
  • NO GMO corn or soybeans used on our farm.

Turkeys will be ready to pick up fresh just before Thanksgiving.

We'll also include roasting instructions to help ensure you have the tastiest, juiciest Thanksgiving turkey dinner!

Though we strive for accuracy in size, our Farm Fresh Turkeys may very in size depending on eating habits and season. We cannot guarantee size request.

Our turkeys sell out fast! 


$50 Deposit per turkey required to pre-order your Thanksgiving Turkey for 2023

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