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We are a 4th Generation Farming Family

RC Organic Farms has been farming at our current location in Macomb County since 1945 when my Grandfather Norvel bought this farm and began Dairy farming. My Father Ron Campau (hense RC) was born here at the farm, where he continued farming organically until he passed away in 2014. 

After graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Crop and Soil Science, I came back to the farm I grew up on to maintain our family farm and work to increase awareness within our community of the importance in eating locally and organically. I am proud to pass on our sustainable farming heritage to the fourth generation of Campau children growing up on our family farm and to our community. 

Jackie Campau Good- Farm Owner
USDA Certified Organic Farm

Certified uSDA Organic

It's our desire to raise high quality, great tasting, organic produce for ourselves and the members of our community through the use of sustainable farming methods. 

Our farm has been certified organic since 1996, for 20+ years we have been committed to producing chemical free foods for the benefit of people, animals, plants and the environment! We are very proud to be a safe harbor for thousands of bees, butterflies, wildflowers and birds.

Macomb County Solar Powered Farm - Certified Organic

we're Macomb County's Only Solar Powered Farm

In 2011 we added solar power panels to our farm. Pictured here is our 19.8 kW grid tied solar system operating under a net metering agreement with DTE. These solar panels enable us to generate ALL of our own power and enough to share with our neighbors as well.

Benefits of Renewable Energies 
Switching to solar power can reduce carbon emissions in the United States alone, by billions of tons per year. Solar energy reduces our families ‘carbon footprint’ and dependence on fossil fuels. Fossil fuel supplies are nearly depleted and the suns energy is basically limitless. The sun produces 120,000 terawatts of power. Our planet currently uses 16 terawatts of power.


“Living beyond an ecosystems natural ability to renew itself will lead to the destruction of the ecosystem.”
- Rachel Carson

We Offer More Than Just Produce

We also offer chickens, beef, pork, lamb and Thanksgiving turkeys! Orders for these items can be placed in advanced seasonally.

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Our Farm

RC Organic Farms offers fresh, nutritious and organic farm-to-table vegetables, locally grown, and organically raised chicken, turkey, beef, pork, lamb and eggs fresh from our farm in Macomb County, Michigan. READ MORE

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